Customer's feedback

I had a sort of excema on my forehead that was not healing. I applied Wonderworx Skin Balm and after a day there was a significant difference.

I struggled for many months to heal my skin, and I can definetely recommend this skin balm for wonderous results.

Rustelle Kotze

I am 86 years old and I have been using Feroxii Naturals skin range for over 3 years. I am just sorry that I did not discover this amazing range earlier.

It makes my skin so soft and silky and keeps it hydrated. I can recommend this wonderful skin range for every woman that cares to prevent and treat at the same time.

Mariana Pienaar

I just want to give a testimony about Feroxii Naturals. I have used many skin care products but none gave me the results like Feroxii Naturals.

I have Lupus and with all the different medications my skin is abnormally dry and sensitive with a bit of acne. I started with the three pack special and immediatley could feel the difference. My skin feels moisturised and soft, and the acne has dissappeared. I am so impressed with these products that I bought all three serums, what a delight to use them.

I am using Feroxii Naturals Night Owl Serum for the evening, this is making my skin feel very soft, supply and rejuvenated. every alternative evening I use Hi-Ya Doin' Serum, this contains hyaluronic acid that keeps my skin moisturied while I am sleeping. Do not forget about the day serum AHA, this contains Alpha hydroxy acids that helps my skin age spots and pigmentation. I will not go without these amazing serums, they work so well together to rejuvenate, moisturize and assist with age spots

This has given my skin that extra boost, and I will recommend Feroxii Naturals for any skin type. Give it a try yourself, it is absolutely wonderful and you will have youthful skin in no time.

Lindie Swart

I was blessed for being in Aviation for 32 years, absolutely adored by job, but the only "negative" was the exposure to a very dry cabin environment for extensive periods.

Feroxii Naturals was my saving grace!
Since then their skin care & holistic range have expanded tremendously and I use both their ranges with great success.

The reason why I treasure the Feroxii range;
  *  the product is superior
  *  natural ingredients
  *  extensive range (the products accommodate all skin types and
  *  made in South Africa for our conditions
  *  personal service
  *  availability and affordable
  *  neat "simple" packaging

I just love everything about Feroxii Naturals

Letitia Hugo

I started using Feroxii Naturals Skin Care products in December 2019, namely 99% Aloe Ferox Gel together with the Dry/Mature Moisturiser. Within 3 months, I could feel a huge difference in my skin and within a year my skin repaired and rejuvenated itself.

Feroxii Natural Skin Care range is an excellent range and truly are a life saver for my and my skin.