Natural plant-based products, for you and your family's health and wellness needs

"Consistency is key in any health care regimen"


Skin Care products manufactured using predominantly indigenous plants, botanicals and herbs, with great emphasis on Aloe Ferox which has the most intense detoxifying action of all aloe species.

You are what you drink and eat – you are as healthy as what you eat.  In consuming natural, pure and clean products and ingredients you build a healthier body which, in turn, increases your emotional wellbeing.  You look and feel a lot younger and are more energetic.


Body care products, manufactured using predominantly indigenous plants, botanicals, essential oils and herbs, with great emphasis on Aloe Ferox – the Big Brother of Aloe Vera.

Products that are so effective, known as the ultimate in skin healing with natural ingredients that have been tried and tested.

skin healing & wound care

Our Philosophy

We are a proudly South African indie entrepreneur that formulate simple, effective and natural products,  using predominantly indigenous plants, botanicals and herbs, with major emphasis on Aloe Ferox – the Big Brother of Aloe Vera.

Our Aloe Ferox is Organic and EcoCert and grows in the wild in the Western and Eastern Coastal region (Garden Route) of South Africa where no pesticides or chemicals are used during cultivation.


As a small local manufacturer, we make the best products we can in carefully crafted small product batches – thus supporting the South African economy in creating much needed employment in rural communities.

We follow a clean product philosophy : our formulations contains no parabens, phthalates, fragrance, sulphates, alcohol, petrochemicals or synthetic colours.

We package mainly in glass and reuse and repurpose our glass containers so fewer need to be made.  We continuously strive to use less water and less energy in creating our formulations. We care about you, our communities and our environment.

We Aim to Provide Consumers With:

Products that are 100% natural, pure, clean and sustainable

Products that are not tested on animals, but well tested on ourselves, family and friends

Products that are exclusive yet affordable and locally manufactured

Products that contain simple, quality and clean ingredients. We support local commerce

Environmentally conscious and sustainably sourced

Products that we are proud to use and believe in ourselves

Aloe Ferox vs Aloe Vera


Aloe Ferox

  aka “Cape Aloe”
  Found to have a 28% higher level of aloin and 36% more amino acids than Aloe Vera
  Produces 20% more “sap” than Aloe Vera, this sap contains anthraquinone, which gives the
       plant its laxative properties
  Indigenous to Southern Africa
  Locally grown and harvested from the wild using sustainable and ancient farming techniques

Aloe Vera

  aka “Barbados Aloe”, “True Aloe”, “Indian Aloe”
  Popularly used to treat burns and skin ailments
  Offers mild constipation relief when consumed
  Originally grown in the Mediterranean regions

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